Switchgear & Panel Building

Pars Tableau Co. was founded in 1361 by a group of elites of the power industry with the views beyond its time in order to perform design, technical and manufacturing of electric power boards (low pressure and medium pressure), and at the same time, with the establishment of a factory with an area of ​​10,000 meters Square in Kaveh Industrial City, located in Saveh city, began its industrial activities. In 1363, the company reached its forecasted production quota and contracted with many regional electricity companies and distribution companies. In 1997, Pars-e Tableau became the first ISO 9001-certified company to acquire this certificate, and in 2002 it received the 2000 ISO 9001 and HSE revision.

In the export sector, Pars Tablo Co. has always been present at international tenders and is known as the first exporter of electricity panels in the country, exporting 33KV double busbars to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai Water and Power Organization), the first export activity of this company is. Pars-Tablou’s exports have mainly been to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Indonesia, and neighboring countries.

Now, after three decades of its establishment, the company with a staff of over 300 people, as well as 15,000 square meters of industrial and manufacturing facilities in the form of 3 factories, as well as using fully automatic CNC equipment and machineries, have been able to paint electrostatic paintings There are many projects at the national and international levels.

Due to the high level of knowledge and expertise of personnel as well as backgrounds and activities, the company has succeeded in obtaining various bachelor degrees and technology transfer agreements as well as cooperation with leading international companies such as:

ALSTOM AREVA T & D), Schneider and Hyundai) for the following:

Getting an agreement with South Korea’s Hyundai company on low pressure displays
Receiving bachelor’s degree in Medium-Density Pressure Switchboards from ALSTOM (AREVA T & D)
Biostatistics of Floukit distribution boards from ALSTOM (AREVA T & D)
Getting a license for PIX low pressure boards from ALSTOM (AREVA T & D)
Getting the cooperation agreement on the GRC compot post from ALSTOM (AREVA T & D)
Receive Collaboration Agreement on MCC Low Voltage Signage

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