1361: Establishment of Pars-Tableau Company by a group of elites of the electrical industry in order to carry out the design, technical and manufacturing of electric power boards
1363: Achieve the forecasted output limit in the program by implementing regional electricity and distribution projects
1988-1996: Developing a specialized approach and development in the activities of manufacturing, producing and selling low pressure and medium pressure cells
1368: Establishing Research and Development Center at ParsTableau Co.
1369: Conclusion of a technology transfer contract with the French Alstom Company for the production and production of DNF series medium pressure cells
1373-1370: Growth of domestic activities and export projects
1995: Concluding a contract for technology transfer with Alstom France Company for the production and production of NORMABLOC Series Low Pressure Cells
1380-1375: Contracts for large contracts for supply of low pressure and medium pressure displays in oil, power plant and industrial projects
2002: Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pars Tablou Company and the opening of the second production plant in Kaveh Industrial City
2003: Development of research and development activities in order to adapt to the needs of customers and competitive advantage
2004: Start of development of products and typing tests at the KEMA Lab in the Netherlands
1385: Construction of the third factory in Kaveh industrial city for the production of compact compartments
2007: Conclusion of the PIX Series Intermediate Cell Pressure Technology Technology and GRC Compound Postings with Alstom-Arva France
1392-1387: Technical and technological development of all products and performing typing tests based on IEC standard in CESI Lab
1394-1392: Participation in mega projects with comprehensive solutions and offering a complete package including panel, basdaCat, automation and …

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