Pars Tableau has more than 20,000 square meter production space, the combination of advanced production and quality control hardware’s with latest software’s and engineering knowledge by efficient experts, leads Pars Tableau  to  manufacture the products based on latest standards.





  • Primary current injection test set up to 2000 Amps- PCITS 2000, Foster
  • Secondary current injection test set up to 100 Amps- SCITS 100, Foster
  • Secondary current injection test set up to 30 Amps- SF30, Foster
  • Secondary current injectiontest set with micro processor circuit for automatic and programmable operation- SCITS- 50D, Foster
  • Leakage current test set HV-100, HAEFELY
  • HV Power Frequency test set up to 100 K\1, HAEFELY
  • Megger up to 5000 Volts, BMIID
  • CT Excitation, Polarity and Ratio test set, CTER91-230
  • AC/DC Leakage and test set, 0 to6 KVAC and 0 to 12 KV DC, FT6/12-MK.2
  • Low Voltage Capacitance and Insulation dissipation factor bridge, CB100-810130-4
  • Relay test set, secondary injection apparatus Relay test sys.
  • With built inphase shifter AVRI-FP
  • Micro- Ohm Meter200Amps microprocessor controlled with simultaneous display of milliVoltsAmps and Micro Ohm DSM200
  • SF6 Moisture Measuring (Portable) 3-034-R001
  • SF6 leak detection test set 3-033-R001
  • Coating thickness gauge, Q UANIX 1500
  • SF6 Gas ref i IIing and evacuating device 3-001-2-R002
  • Multimeter, Analyst 2000P
  • Electricity supply and consumption monitor (Analyzer). Hawk 5000
  • Portable Hardness Tester, ERNST COMPUTEST
  • High Voltage test set 100 KVAC, 10 KVA for power frequency test, KV100-100MKII

  • Impulse Generator Plant 200KV Peak, 5 KJ in two stages, GTU 02-2.5
  • Cross cut I Adhesion test, Bending test, Direct impact test
  • Brightness test, Cupping test
  • Painting RAL control, Painting Surface hardening test,
          Corrosion test / Painting resistance against corrosion.