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Having a long history of innovation and using cutting edge technology, PARS TABLEAU offers complete electrical solutions in system protection equipment, distribution, automation, and all MV & LV power equipment.

 PARS TABLEAU draws its strength from client satisfaction which has been achieved through turning clients’ feedback into new features to enhance the products evolutionarily. With the introduction of the first MV withdrawable switchgear in Iran by PARS TABLEAU, this manufacturer began to build a reputation by meeting system designer requirements.

The company has forged business partnerships with world leaders in electric power industry- ALSTOM, AREVA & Schneider Electric- Since 1986 for manufacturing a wide range of MV & LV switchgears. PARS TABLEAU provides a valuable and trustworthy service for its customers on a long-term relationship basis.

We provide quality work with professional personnel to make sure that our products and services meet each customer’s expectations.

Today, PARS TABLEAU enjoys an R&D department for sustainable development in both its manufacturing and design processes. In addition, by employing the latest manufacturing technology, extensive global sales representatives and aftersales services, we are ready to provide our customer requirements.

 On top of manufacturing electrical equipment, PARS TABLEAU renders a full suite of EPC services including engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of turn-key projects.

PARS TABLEAU builds customer reliability by having significant management expertise in cost, risk and time control and also change management.


  • 1982: Founded Pars Tableau
  • 1988-1985:  Expanding PَARSTABLEAU’s activities and starting the production and production of low and medium pressure cells
  • 1989: Establish R&D unit
  • 1990: Manufacture and production of DNF Series Medium Pressure Cells in partnership with Alstom France
  • 1994-1991:  Exporting products and entering international markets
  • 1995: Manufacture and production of NORMABLOC series low pressure cells in partnership with Alstom France
  • 2001-1996:  Starting as a supplier of oil, power and industrial project boards
  • 2002: Opening of the second panel product factory in Kaveh industrial city
  • 2004: Acquiring International Standards for Test Typing at KEMA Laboratory in the Netherlands
  • 2006: Establishment of the third factory in Kaveh industrial city with the aim of producing compact substations
  • 2007:  Manufacture of PIX Series Medium Voltage Cells and GRC Compact Substations in partnership with Alstom-Areva France
  • 2013-2008: Quality and technical upgrading of products based on IEC standards at CESI Lab
کارخانه پارس تابلو - Parstableau
PARSTABLEAU - HISTORY - تاریخچه پارس تابلو
پارس تابلو کارخانه - PARSTABLEAU FACTORY

Software and Hardware Features

PARSTABLEAU Company has more than 6,000 square meters of production space. Combining advanced manufacturing and quality control hardware with up-to-date software and engineering knowledge by an efficient and trained workforce has led to the production of world-class products in line with industry standards and with other technical knowledge holders and industry activists.

  • Hardware Equipment
  • Primary current injection test set up to 2000 Amps- PCITS 2000, Foster
  • Secondary current injection test set up to 100 Amps- SCITS 100, Foster
  • Secondary current injection test set up to 30 Amps- SF30, Foster
  • Secondary current injectiontest set with micro processor circuit for automatic and programmable operation- SCITS- 50D, Foster
  • Leakage current test set HV-100, HAEFELY
  • HV Power Frequency test set up to 100 K\1, HAEFELY
  • Megger up to 5000 Volts, BMIID
  • CT Excitation, Polarity and Ratio test set, CTER91-230
  • AC/DC Leakage and test set, 0 to6 KVAC and 0 to 12 KV DC, FT6/12-MK.2
  • Low Voltage Capacitance and Insulation dissipation factor bridge, CB100-810130-4
  • Relay test set, secondary injection apparatus Relay test sys with built inphase shifter AVRI-FP
  • Micro- Ohm Meter200Amps microprocessor controlled with simultaneous display of milliVoltsAmps and Micro Ohm DSM200
  • SF6 Moisture Measuring (Portable) 3-034-R001
  • SF6 leak detection test set 3-033-R001
  • Coating thickness gauge, Q UANIX 1500
  • SF6 Gas ref i IIing and evacuating device 3-001-2-R002
  • Multimeter, Analyst 2000P
  • Electricity supply and consumption monitor (Analyzer). Hawk 5000
  • Portable Hardness Tester, ERNST COMPUTEST
  • High Voltage test set 100 KVAC, 10 KVA for power frequency test, KV100-100MKII
  • Impulse Generator Plant 200KV Peak, 5 KJ in two stages, GTU 02-2.5
  • Cross cut I Adhesion test, Bending test, Direct impact test
  • Brightness test, Cupping test
  • Painting RAL control, Painting Surface hardening
پارس تابلو - تجهیزات نرم افزاری و سخت افزاری - PARSTABLEAU Hardware and software equipment
پارس تابلو - تجهیزات نرم افزاری و سخت افزاری - PARSTABLEAU Hardware and software equipment
پارس تابلو - تجهیزات نرم افزاری و سخت افزاری - PARSTABLEAU Hardware and software equipment

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قیاس الدین طاهری - مدیر کارخانه پارس تابلو - Ghiyasuddin Taheri - Manager of Parstableau Factory

Ghiyasuddin Taheri

Factory Manager
آرش نادعلیان - مدیرعامل پارس تابلو - Arash Nadalian - Managing Director of Parstableau

Arash Nadalian

محسن جنتی - مدیر فروش - Mohsen Jannati - Sales Manager

Mohsen Janati

Sales Manager

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